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Forging with hand held tooling in use on a Big BLU Power Hammer. Josh Greenwood of Petersburg, VA demonstrates combined hand and power blacksmithing techniques at the 2008 CSI Hammer-In.

The basic tools of the Blacksmith include an anvil, bellows or blower, forge, hand hammers, vice, punches, chisels and files. Blacksmiths also make use of machinery such as power hammers, drill presses, lathes, electric welders and hand tools.

The basic techniques of the smith include forging (hammering hot metal), welding (merging hot metal), bending and twisting (hot or cold). More advanced blacksmithing techniques include joinery such as riveting, collaring, mortise and tennon, slitting and punching holes of various shapes, texturing by hammering, incising or punching.

Blacksmiths who produce decorative and sculptural ironwork are called "Artist Blacksmiths". Blacksmiths that make tools or work in factories are "Industrial Blacksmiths".

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